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Our Story

2812 Marketplace was founded by Alyssa Horner, after being in direct sales for 9 years. Alyssa was blessed to be a part of Premier Designs/ DVTD® until they closed their doors in December 2020. She fell in love with all the causes & missions that were supported by these companies. With a desire to stay in the retail world and a niche for fashion, Alyssa decided to create her own marketplace featuring a small collection of brands that give back.

The name 2812 Marketplace comes from the verse Deuteronomy 28:12, which says, "The Lord will open the storehouses of the skies where he keeps the rain, and he will send rain on your land at just the right times. He will make you successful in everything you do. You will have plenty of money to lend to other nations, but you won’t need to borrow any yourself."


Alyssa lives in Illinois with her husband, Trent, and two kids, Sam & Finlee.


Horner Family